Training types and abbreviation for our courses:

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) – BYOD courses are led by a trainer demonstrating while participants follow along using their own laptop, tablet or other device.  These courses will cover less material to a greater depth by allowing students to have the maximum experience with the course content since they will be using their own equipment, software and potentially their own data.  While it is not required to have your own device it is highly recommended that no more than two participants share a device to give each a chance to practice the skills.

Computer Lab Based (CLB) – CLB courses are taught in a computer lab situation where every participant has access to a computer with the required software installed. These courses will give participants hands on experience with practice data and activities.  These course balance the amount of information presented with the time spent on software.

No Device Required (NDR) – NDR courses are instructor lead courses in which the instructor presents material as participants follow along in their workbooks.  These courses cover the maximum amount of material but while devices can be brought to the training, the instructor’s primary focus is on explaining and demonstrating content rather than guiding participants through the process.

Non-Technical Course (NTC) – These non-technical courses, sometimes called softskills, have no direct technology component and are usually taught with no computer requirements.

Training formats for our courses:

The content for the training we provide has been developed and tested in conjunction with an international training provider.  We have several training options available to our clients:

  • Participation in a regularly scheduled training session.
  • Training for a business or learning institution using the standard curriculum.
  • Training for a business or learning institution using customized content from an existing curriculum.
  • Training developed from scratch to meet the specialized needs of a business or learning institution.