Your training today was AMAZING!  I so enjoyed your teaching style and I appreciate your flexibility and how you worked with our numbers and charts.

Ileana – VP HR / 2016

Dave was a great teacher and the homework option he allows is great because he will help you with your own worksheet which is extremely valuable.

Stefany – Buyer / 2016

I found the instructor very funny and super knowledgeable.  I enjoyed the career related advice he tied into the importance of this Excel class.

Karina – Fleet Manager / 2016

Excellent workshop!  Very informative, makes me change the way I see Excel!

Evelyn – Production Coordinator / 2016

Workshop was great.  I learned a lot from this seminar.

Selena – Management Assistant / 2016

Learned a lot.  The tools will make my life 100 times easier when it comes to Excel.  Dave was awesome and knows his stuff.  Giving homework to the instruction?  I like this guy : ).  

Tessah – Manager / 2016

Very informative and interesting.  Great instructor.

Cindy – Business Operations Director / 2016

Well organized and helpful seminar.

Riley – Parts Manager / 2015

Learned a lot of new information that will be helpful.

Jodie – Assistant / 2015

Great overall presentation.  Answered questions with ease.

Joe – Engineer / 2015

Great Class! I learned a ton of useful info that will help make my work day a lot easier.

Carl – Distribution Manager / 2015

Thank you for your time!  Everything was very useful: new experience.  Much information.

Josafina – Office Manager / 2015

Thanks for the informative presentation on Podcasting. The information is timely as I can use it for an upcoming project, and the resources are excellent.

Cindy – Governmental agency trainer / 2012

Your topic, the information your provided, the resources…were a gift to this learning community. You are a wealth of information. I thought the presentation was great.

Karrie – Corporate trainer / 2012

Also, great job yesterday on the presentation – very well done.

Tim – Corporate trainer / 2012

This was probably the best class EVER!

Corporate trainer / 2011

Very good class

Pam – Corporate trainer / 2011

I recently attended your “Strategies to Meet Student Needs” seminar.  Wanted to take a moment to say how much I enjoyed the information you presented to us in the seminar. As a teacher of nearly 20 years I have attended many seminars designed to improve teaching etc and often times come away from such meetings feeling I have gained little useful information. That was definitely not the case after hearing/seeing what you presented to us. Not only was the PowerPoint aspect easy to follow and understand but the information was such that I am confident I will be able to use it in a way that enhances my teaching in the future. I genuinely feel as if my eyes were opened to some ideas as to the thinking of the present day student and I am now better prepared to teach them more effectively having attended your seminar! Thanks so much!

Jon – Secondary teacher / 2010

I just wanted to send a quick note saying I thought you did a beautiful job today in your talk What’s Your Legacy . . . . . well-prepared . . . . threw some humor in, and it was just a very good message, . . . . well-presented.

Retired college professor / 2010

. . . . Generational Differences was well done and applicable . . . .

Secondary teacher / 2009

. . . . Your Generational Differences was well organized, good pace and very informative . . . .

Secondary teacher / 2009

I am finding it difficult to find the words to express my gratitude for your thoughtful What’s Your Legacy program . . . .

Banking executive / 2009