Flipped LearningWith the increased technology available both in classrooms and at home many schools have started “flipping” the usual instructional format of instruction in class and practice at home to a format where instruction happens at home via the Internet and podcasts and practice happens in class where the teacher is available as the resource for particular questions that arise during the practice activities.

During this workshop you will learn:
1.    Strengths and weaknesses of flipped classroom instruction;
2.    What should and shouldn’t be taught in a flipped classroom;
3.    How to prepare yourself and your students for a flipped classroom;
4.    How to design flipped classroom content;
5.    How to prepare content for uploading to a website
6.    How to secure and prepare a website for a flipped teaching class
7.    How to survive in a flipped environment
8.    Suggestions to make the flipped classroom easier to manage.

Cost for Public Session: $70 for 6 hour – one day workshop
You must pre-register to ensure your spot for the workshop and to have materials prepared for you.
Registration closes one day before the workshop.

Flipped Classrooms flyer

Contact us at info@etconsultants.us for more information about this workshop
or to schedule a customized version on-site for your staff.