Cyber BullyingIncreased use of mobile devices and technology has brought more about violations of our personal space. The cyber bullying problem has grown beyond just teasing and taunts to contributing to the
suicide of several teens in our country,
The Preventing Cyber Bullying workshop will help school teachers and administrators to reduce or prevent cyber bullying with their
During this workshop you will learn:
1.    How big is the problem?
2.    How does cyber bullying affect students?
3.    Facebook problems
4.    Texting & sexting
5.    Blogging
6.    Acceptable use policies
7.    Consequences for bullying
8.    Working with parents & community groups
9.    Prevention handouts
10.    Prevention resources
Cost for Public Session: $70 for one day workshop.
You must pre-register to ensure your spot for the workshop and to have materials prepared for you.
Registration closes one day before the workshop.    
Preventing Cyber Bullying flyer
Contact us at for more information about this workshop
or to schedule a customized version on-site for your staff.