One-to-One LearningWith a greater variety and more affordable options of technology available to students and teachers, integrating these devices into the classroom has become more important than ever. This workshop will give you an overview of how to start using laptops, tablets and mobile devices in your classroom.

During this workshop you will learn:
1.    Websites that can help you be more effective.
2.    Policy changes that may need to be implemented.
3.    Software that can help with instruction.
4.    Processes that can help streamline you use of technology in the classroom.
5.    What to expect with different devices.

Cost for Public Session: $35 for 3 hour – one/ half day workshop.
You must pre-register to ensure your spot for the workshop and to have materials prepared for you.
Registration closes one day before the workshop.

One to One Technology in the Classroom flyer

Contact us at for more information about this workshop
or to schedule a customized version on-site for your staff.